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Letters Policy

Cramahe Now letters policy

We value your letters to the website and want to encourage you to write more often. At the same time we want to protect the safety of our writers and the integrity of the material that is posted on Cramahe Now.

To do that, we have instituted a policy for letters.When you submit a letter to be printed we must know your name. However, your actual name need not be printed. If you wish, you can create a meaningful pseudonym which will be printed with your letter on the site.

For example, if your name is William David Smith you might use David Smithson or Will Davidson. If that doesn't work for you then combinations of names is another possibility. If William's mother's maiden name was Brown, he could use Bill Brown or David Brown.

It is unfortunate that we require this but the safety of our writers and the integrity of their writing is important to us.